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How Fiabci can benefit your business

Founded in 1951, Fiabci (the International Real Estate Federation) is a non-profit association with two distinct branches :

A federation of professional real estate organisations

As a federation Fiabci currently has 120 members in over 60 countries and serves its member organisations by :

  • defending the collective interests of the real estate professions, i.e. in the contexts of professional licensing, protecting private property rights and promoting public/private sector partnerships.
  • providing access to international information through the various Fiabci media such as internal reports,, Fiabci-Press and the annual members' directory.
  • improving its members' international positioning by allowing them to promote their services and events through the Fiabci network.
  • enabling its members to offer new services to their own members such as joining the Fiabci business club at preferential rates.
  • creating dialogue and action with professional real estate organisations from around the world thourhg the exchange and comparison of ideas and experiences.

An international business club for individual real estate practitioners

Over 3500 individuals in over 70 countries use the Fiabci network regularly to boost their business. Fiabci helps them to :

  • create their own networks around the world to encourage referrals and other business-building opportunities
  • bring an international dimension to their activities and network with investors and professionals from all the real estate disciplines represented within Fiabci
  • increase their international exposure by being entitled to use the Fiabci name and logo on their professional documents. All members are listed free in the annual members' directory and on and benefit from a complete listing including links to email and websites.
  • improve their professional expertise regarding foreign real estate markets and practices by participating in trade missions, internship programs and Fiabci events such as world congresses, specialised committes and trade shows.
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